Raw Vegan, Plant Based, Yoga, Costa Rica and More!

I dropped the ball with the blog in 2016.  Mainly because I couldn’t decide what my voice would be here or in which direction I would go.  I didn’t simply want to duplicate the Vlogs that I do on YouTube, so I struggled to come up with ideas.  I also got bogged down with the mentality of writing long serious articles, and to be frank, that’s just not my style.  So in 2017, I plan to post frequently on the raw vegan lifestyle, all things plant based, my yoga practice, fitness, Costa Rica and more.

This year I will focus on shorter, practical information for most of my blog posts and share some of the things that I am working on.  I want to post short practical stuff on the raw vegan lifestyle but also on plant-based in general as well. Just like the focus on my on my YouTube channel I don’t want to be all about raw vegan all the time.  There’s a lot of benefits to a plant-based lifestyle regardless of whether it’s raw or  cooked and I want to reach out to as broad of an audience as possible.

I have a yoga teacher coming to visit in April and is going to stay here for at least three months, if not longer.  I’m very much looking forward to deepening my practice and I will be sharing that along the way as well. Currently I’m taking care of a house up in the mountains in Costa Rica, so I don’t get to travel as much as I would like right now.  But the house is for sale and I will be more mobile when that happens and would like to share from different places in the country.

People ask from time to time about my fitness routine and doing workout videos.  I do a variety of activities to try and keep fit and will share some of the things I am doing here; such as core work, body weight training, jump rope and more.  I would really like to work more on my functional fitness, especially cardio!  I stay pretty lean, tight and fairly fit simply from the way I eat but I always feel better when my body is moving on a regular basis.

Although I’ve been busy with multiple projects, along with keeping up with the day to day, I’m focusing on my eating and working out with the intention of putting on a little solid weight.  I’m doing my best to add 10 pounds during 2017 and started at 155.  It’s not an all consuming goal, but I would like to get back a little of the muscle I carried in the past.

When I first came to the raw vegan lifestyle, I didn’t know much about what I was doing and my weight plummeted.  And with that plummet I lost a good deal of muscle.  I’m posting a before and after photo here but I’m hoping this after will turn into a before photo when I put on that 10 pounds!  haha

My first goal is simply to post regularly here.  Even if only once a week to begin.  I would like it to evolve into at least 3-4 times a week of quick practical tips and information like I mentioned before. So I hope you will subscribe to the blog and come back for more.  Raw Tropical Living is about to take off to some exciting things!


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