Raw Food Restaurant Review: Raw and Juicy in Seaside, Florida

Amidst all of the fried food options on the Panhandle of Florida is a marvelous raw food restaurant called Raw and Juicy.  To be more accurate, it is a food truck and not an actual restaurant.  I hope you enjoy this little raw food restaurant review as we will be reviewing more spots in the future.  I ate there for the first time last month and couldn’t have been more pleased with the food!  I’m already planning a trip back to the area, mainly to eat some more of their tasty raw food offerings!

Since I adopted a raw vegan lifestyle 5 1/2 years ago I haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy a lot of vegan food, much less raw from a restaurant.  I found this little gem on Instagram about a year or so ago and had been anxious to check it out ever since.  Trying it for the first time, I was definitely not disappointed!

Two of the three days in the area, I ate the same thing for lunch.  That’s kind of how I’ve always been with restaurants my whole life.  I find one or two items on the menu and order them every time I go to that particular restaurant.

At Raw and Juicy, I had the kale salad all three days and it was very tasty!  It was prepared very simply and the kale was quite tender.  Guessing they massaged the kale with lime or lemon, and in addition there was a bit of olive oil and probably a little bit of sea salt.  It comes with a choice between two side orders.  I only remember the one I chose which were these epic, crunchy, spicy chips!  I’m kind of sorry I didn’t buy more of them to take with me and snack on!

For the main course, they had a raw sandwich on the menu that absolutely blew my mind!  Writing this a little over a month later, I will do my best to describe this sandwich the best I remember.  The raw bread was composed of various seeds and had to have been made in a dehydrator.  It consisted of a tasty vegan mayonnaise like spread, sprouts, pickles and lettuce.  It might sound rather plain, and I might be leaving something out, but I could eat this sandwich everyday if I lived in the area!

Don’t get me started on the desserts!  I should start by saying that I’m not a huge dessert person.  I can usually take it or leave it.  But when I saw the creations they had in their store across the street I just couldn’t help myself.  I had both the mudslide pie and coconut key lime pie twice over the course of three days, along with some chocolate chip cookies and a couple of macaroons.  Unfortunately, I scarfed down the cookies and macaroons before thinking to get photos!  All the desserts were beyond amazing!  I don’t think even non vegans would turn down any of these sweet treats!

The best part of the experience was getting to share it with a couple of vegan friends who stopped by Destin for a few days on their way to south Florida!  It always makes the food just a little better when you can share with like minded friends.

I would highly recommend this spot to all vegans!  I would highly recommend this spot to anyone who simply enjoys good food!  If you haven’t experienced raw and/ or vegan food don’t assume you wouldn’t enjoy it.  I remember eating at a couple of vegan restaurants in the past, way before I was vegan.  Even though I had no interest in the lifestyle back then, I was open to good food!

They have a great menu in addition to the items that I chose!  As you can see in the photo at the top, they also have a lot of juice and smoothie options.  I really want to try some of their breakfast bowls next time!

If you happen to be in the Seaside area, definitely give them a try!  And if you are staying in Destin, it is worth the drive!  Besides the great food, the area is quaint and the beaches are gorgeous!  Here are links to the restaurant and their Facebook page.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram as well!

Raw and Juicy Website: http://www.rawandjuicylife.com/

Raw and Juicy Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rawandjuicylife/

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