Plant Based Recipe Book Winner!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to the Raw Tropical Living blog!  I enjoy sharing on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms but I really like the idea of having people to come visit me at my home, so to speak!  And that’s what the Raw Tropical Living blog is for me.  It’s my little piece of real estate in the vast world wide web.

I can’t think of a better prize for our first giveaway than a plant based recipe book!  And the winner is!!!  Congratulations to Kaylee McKanna, our first contest winner ever!  I hope Kaylee will enjoy ‘Plant Based Dips N’ Dressings’ by Melissa Raimondi!  With over 100 recipes, she shouldn’t have to go searching for recipes for a long time!  haha

I will be posting regularly here now and hope to have some guest bloggers in the future!  At some point when I get my current world under control, I will start a monthly newsletter.  I don’t want to start it until I can make it worth your time to open and read it!  It’s a little too hectic to start just yet, but I’ll have something else to give away soon so stay tuned!

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