Farmer’s Market in Costa Rica: Playa Jacó

You will find a farmer’s market in Costa Rica almost anywhere you travel!  I was recently in the United States for 6 weeks and the last few days I was there all I could think about was getting home to my normal raw foods way of living.  Not that I had been eating all that bad while there.  I just was missing that wide variety of fruits and vegetables that I get so cheap here.  I shouldn’t complain though as I was in south Alabama and did have very good watermelon, cantaloupe and blueberries while I was there.

Arrived home in Costa Rica late Wednesday night.  After going to the beach for a while on Thursday I went immediately to my regular curb market and got myself a large dose of fresh squeezed OJ and a few supplies for the day.  Friday was the big shopping day.  I got up early and went to our Friday farmer’s market and got quite a nice haul there.  Especially noteworthy were the big stalks of celery, beautiful deep green spinach and the fragrant basil that I had missed so much.  I also got another fresh dose of OJ as I went about my shopping and photo taking.  I loaded up as much as my backpack could handle and took this load to the house.  Next I went back to the curb market and filled in the rest of my supplies there.  Below is a just a sampling of the goodies that were available at the two locations.




Check out our friend above munching on the leaves of those cauliflower heads.  This photo doesn’t do him justice as he was just a bright, beautiful shade of green.  You can see him getting his feed on at Iguana Likes Raw Foods Too.






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