Farmer’s Market in Costa Rica: Amazing Fruit in Alajuela

Alajuela, Costa Rica

I’ve been buying my fruit in Alajuela regularly for almost a year now and thought I should do a little piece on this amazing farmer’s market in Costa Rica!  I will be leaving this area in about 4 weeks and can easily say that going to the weekly market has been the highlight of my time in this area!  I go to sleep on Friday nights dreaming of the abundant fruit I’ll find the next day!

Now I’ve lived in Costa Rica for close to 18 years, so I’m no stranger to seeing some of the best fruit you can imagine everywhere I go!  Before moving to my current location, which is in a little mountain town just outside of Alajuela, I lived in Playa Jacó.  

Understand, I had no complaints about the fruit I found when living there!  I got great mangoes, papayas, pineapples, bananas and I even had sources for both orange and sugarcane juice.  But I was absolutely overwhelmed when I first visited the Alajuela market by the massive amount of choices available!

To give you a scope of the size and amount of fruit and vegetables at this market, here is a recent YouTube video from one of my Saturday morning excursions.  As a bonus, there is also some footage of me doing a smaller shopping trip in Alajuela just to fill in during the week.

As my time winds down I’m getting more and more nervous about leaving all this beautiful fruit behind!  Don’t worry, I’ll be back in January of 2018 but it’s going to be a long dry spell for really good mango, pineapple, papaya and more!  The farmer’s markets are great and you will find them all over the country on various days of the week.  But the one here in Alajuela has been heaven simply for it’s sheer size and variety!

I had my first mamey sapote here and enjoyed an abundant supply of them for several months.  They were my obsession for a while there!  I loved to freeze them and blend them with bananas into a creamy treat!

Mamey Sapote love

The highlight of my year has most definitely been the mangoes!  They have been better at certain times of the year, but I have enjoyed absolutely spectacular mangoes throughout the entire time I’ve been here!  I think I will miss them most of all during my time in the States.  I will eagerly wait to connect again with my love in January!  Here’s a little mango love fest for you!

I could go on forever about this amazing market, all that is available and how much I have enjoyed it over the past year but that would get quite lengthy!  I’ve only scratched the surface.  There are so many more amazing fruits in Costa Rica.

I always recommend checking out as many of these farmer’s markets around the country as you can.  There are different climates here and you will find fruits in some regions that you won’t find in any other.

I should definitely mention the fresh vegetables as well.  Staples such as sweet potatoes, yuca, beans and more are abundant in all of these various farmer’s markets around the country.  This is where you will find your best prices and one can eat quite healthy including all of these natural whole foods.

As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words so I will leave you with these various photos I have accumulated at the market over the past year.  I hope to have some guest writers in the not too distant future share similar information for market’s in other parts of the country.  When you come for a visit, make sure and enjoy some of this tasty fruit in Costa Rica!


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