Coconut Water in Costa Rica

There is nothing like sitting in the shade by a beach, sipping on fresh coconut water in warm, tropical Costa Rica.  And you definitely won’t have a hard time finding them as coconuts are literally everywhere.  They are in the curb markets, the grocery stores and on the menu in many typical Costa Rican restaurants.  The water is found in the young coconuts and it is a clear liquid, which is sometimes called juice due to the slightly sweet taste.  The milk you hear people talk about is made from combining coconut meat and water, which is out of this world.  I’m hoping to do a demo soon on Raw Tropical Living’s Youtube channel.

One of the cheaper ways to drink your fill is to buy it from a street vendor.  Almost everywhere you go in the land of Pura Vida there will be at least one person with an old beat up ice chest, or other container, that will hack a hole in a fresh coconut with his machete and stick a straw in it for you.  And you can always walk the beaches and around town and find fresh pipas on your own.  Be careful with those machetes!

Coconut water in Costa Rica

Here you will hear it called “pipas frias” on signs and from vendors on the street.  While the craze for this elixir might be new in North America, it has been common here for many years.  The liquid is slightly sweet and is full of enzymes that help to detoxify and repair cells throughout the body. 

Forget the sugary sports drinks; coconut water is much more efficient for replenishing electrolytes and keeping you hydrated.  The only thing sports drinks have that coconuts are missing are sugar, caffeine and chemical additives.  If you want to up the sugar in this natural sports drink try adding a little orange juice to the coconut water. 

Try mixing it with your fresh juices and smoothies and get what I call a natural blood transfusion.  The water fresh out of the coconut is similar in composition to the plasma in blood.  Doctors in third world countries and remote areas have used this liquid as an IV fluid.  It is very alkalizing for the body which is especially important for those that eat a diet composed highly of acidifying foods.  Agua de pipa (Spanish for coconut water) is high in potassium and has many antioxidants.  It also provides many vitamins along with minerals and trace elements.  It is full of the B vitamins and provides amino acids, phytonnutrients and cytokins.  These are plant hormones for fighting cancer and aging. 

If you have never had the pleasure of drinking fresh coconut water, or coconut water at all for that matter, this is the perfect place to give it a taste.  Between the surfing, hiking, ziplining and all the many outdoor activities, you are going to sweat and you are going to sweat a lot.  One word of warning; you might just get hooked while you are here and have to find a supply when you get back home.  What you are going to find has usually been pasteurized, so it is not as good as the fresh, but it is a much better alternative than sodas or sugary sports drinks. 

agua de pipa costa rica

I have never had the need for buying coconut water away from Costa Rica but I understand that Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water and Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water are trusted brands by people that care about freshness.  This is not an endorsement but I have heard quite a few positive comments about these brands.  I hope this has been informative on why coconut water is so good for you and I sincerely hope that you are able to make it to Costa Rica and try one out Pura Vida style!

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