Raw foods, raw food lifestyle and all things healthy in the tropics.

Jack AlbrittonI’m Jack Albritton and I’ve been on my raw foods adventure since July of 2012, while my journey of health began in January of the same year.  I started eating a high raw vegan diet, and like most newbies to this lifestyle, didn’t eat enough initially and lost a lot of weight.  As I learned and got more educated on the subject I regained some healthy weight and have been living with more energy and clarity ever since.  As someone who is still relatively new to this lifestyle I hope to offer a unique perspective with a fresh set of eyes.  I have lived in Costa Rica, which is mostly definitely tropical, for the last 14 years.  The environment, along with all the fresh fruits and vegetables will offer me an unlimited list of topics to explore and share with you here at Raw Tropical Living.

Raw Tropical Living will feature a range of topics that will hopefully interest and benefit all, whether you are just interested in improving your life with healthier options or are interested in following a raw vegan lifestyle.  While I eat close to 100% raw these days, I am not dogmatic and am not going to preach that everyone should be 100% raw vegan.   So, the short answer is that Raw Tropical Living is for anybody that is interested in living a healthy lifestyle and learning more about how we can do so.

I would also invite you to join Raw Tropical Living on YouTube.  This is where we visually explore interesting topics on mind, body and spirit.  You will find more information on raw foods, juicing, detox, simple recipes from a bachelor that doesn’t like a lot of prep work, and beautiful scenery from one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world.  I plan to have fun while blogging and making videos and I want to share this with you.  The focus will be heavy on raw foods but we will also explore yoga, meditation and the many outdoor activities in the area such as surfing, mountain biking, stand up paddling and more.  My sincere hope is that you enjoy the blog, learn something useful and will follow us on a regular basis.